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  1. Darlene Unsett says:

    I agree, once you have a name, then you have something concrete, something to build on. A good name gives you the essence of what you’re trying to create, and then you can move on with a logo, decor etc. This must be so exciting, building a business from scratch, and kudos to you for documenting the process for others to learn from. I’m looking forward to following your progress..

  2. Phoebe says:

    It’s so true that the name and logo embody the the concept behind a business–almost like the outward appearance of a person. It’s also critical to making a good first impression. The Entrepreneur article offers some really good insight on the process! By the way, I really like your logo–sophisticated yet relatable . Do you think that you’ll stick with it?

  3. Yewande says:

    Thanks for documenting your processes for others to learn from. It is such a great idea and I wish you the very best

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